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President's Message - June 2017

Dear ACTACC members,

I am writing this final message as your President and reflecting on my two years in this role as I return from Euroanaesthesia in Geneva. Whilst I was away enjoying the camaraderie and sharing information with European colleagues, another shocking attack on innocent citizens occurred in my adopted home city of London. Like in Manchester a couple of weeks previously, some of you would have been involved in looking after those who were injured, in the theatres and in the ICU. As disturbing as this is, it does remind us and society as a whole of the value of what we do and what I hope this Association supports you to continue doing.

It has been a difficult two years for the medical profession and the wider NHS. The rancour and bitterness of the junior doctors’ strike – of which I don’t think we will see the full effects for several years. I have concerns about the ongoing level of recruitment into our subspeciality, and I do feel this is partly due to the current structure of training.  We must continue to do the things we can. We must engage with our trainees and teach them the value of what we do. We need to engage with our local and regional colleagues to influence changes - I know many cardiothoracic anaesthetists do take on the responsibilities of management. We also need to be influencers nationally, and again I can’t think of another anaesthetic sub-speciality with such a high proportion of movers and shakers. ACTACC is behind you, please do engage with us and let us know how we can support you, feedback is always crucial.

There are many reasons to be positive. I think we have achieved lots and ACTACC continues to make progress in some important areas. We have a better relationship with the RCoA and we may be starting to make progress with the FICM. ARCTIC now has 10 cardiac ICUs submitting data with more signing on and NCBC goes from strength to strength with our involvement. Our meetings remain popular and well attended, we have an active audit and research programme with recent high profile publications. I will leave the Presidency in the very capable hands of Moyna Bill. Simon Gardner will take over as Chair of the ICU committee, congratulations to him and Niall O’Keefe on their election for a second term. Andy Lumb has been a great addition to represent thoracic anaesthesia and Matt Bell is our fantastic new trainee representative.       

With Best Wishes
Dr Nick Fletcher
ACTACC President